About Us

Chapter Mission and Purpose

The Chicago Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association’s goal is to provide engaging opportunities for Chicagoland Hokies to build and strengthen their connection to the mission of Virginia Tech and to associate with area alumni and friends who reside in the greater Chicagoland region. The chapter will accomplish this goal by:

  • Building a communications network among area alumni and friends;
  • Promote the image and reputation of Virginia Tech within the community;
  • Seek to provide a scholarship fund for area students wishing to attend Virginia Tech;
  • Produce social and educational events that bring alumni and friends together;
  • Participate in a philanthropic event or project;
  • Seek to become an award winning alumni chapter; and
  • Promote the alumni pride and spirit of Virginia Tech.

The Chicago Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association is part of an international network of Virginia Tech alumni and friends. For more information on Hokies in other areas, visit the Alumni Association website at www.alumni.vt.edu

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